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This is a game about saving polar bears and humans. Keep the iceberg pieces from getting out of reach by shooting them with staples!

Controls (Keyboard):

  • Use the A / D keys to steer the boat Left / Right around the iceberg.
  • Use Space Bar to shoot staples at loose icebergs (no visual effect yet; only audio of staple sound).
  • Use Tab to swap between icebergs.
  • Use Esc for the Menu.

Controls (Gamepad / Keyboard):

  • Use the thumbsticks or D-Pad to move Left / Right.
  • Use the Right or Left Trigger to shoot staples.
  • Use the Right or Left Bumper to swap between icebergs.
  • Menu controls are not yet supported for Gamepad. Please use the keyboard.

The game ends after three minutes.

The Iceberg Gang:

Updated 26 days ago
Authorshalcyonianhippo, Pupcheco


20190521_IcebearsCare_v0.05.zip 472 MB

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